This is me and my plane

Some of My Interests

My Photo Gallery

** New **

Contains my collection of digital photographs and allows friends/family to add their own. All pics from the site as well as all new ones will be migrated to the new photo gallery.

Note: If you wish to re-visit the photo album, always re-visit through this site as the address of the photo album is likely to change and bookmarks won't work.

I enjoy playing guitar and have begun building a small collection of nice guitars.

I collect and trade live Phish shows,
 also interested in Trey Anastasio Band, Oysterhead, Vida Blue, Gov't Mule, others?

I am a pilot and own Piper Warrior N9483C, a great little machine for punching holes in the sky
I used to play for the Warthogs hockey club in Hamilton, NJ. Currently I am not playing, but hopefully will be soon
I used to play for Berkely Heights Soccer Club. Since moving to CT, I have not found a new team yet.

I also play for the Cottages once a year at the US Hall of Fame Legends Tournament. We currently hold the championship both on the field and in the pub. We all look forward to next year
Mountain Biking
I love to mountain bike.
House Construction
After a bit of a delay, construction is finally starting on my new home. Check it the progress.
Just some places I think are worth checking out!
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